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Gazprom Drilling
Gazprom drilling LLC is one of the largest drilling companies in Russia for the construction of all types of wells throughout the Russian Federation in Western and Eastern Siberia, the Far East, North Caucasus, Orenburg and Astrakhan regions, the Komi Republic, the Yamal Peninsula.
Group of companies KOMOS Group  brings together leading food manufacturers in Udmurtia and Perm. It recognized leaders in their respective market segments, their scope of work covers the main directions of the agricultural sector in the region. KOMOS Group LLC manages  three poultry farms, four milk processing plant, two cold storage facility, two pig farm and feed mill.
Uralkali is one of the largest potash producers in the world with a market share of about 20%.
Laser Technology
Group of companies Laser Technology, founded in 1976, has extensive experience in the application and integration of laser technology, laser technological complexes (LTC).
The main supplier of chemical raw materials to the largest enterprises in Russia 
Manufacturer and developer of drilling equipment.
 Izhdrill Holding
The company manufactures the mud pumps, circulation systems, supplies drilling rigs and related equipment.
Imperial Energy Group
Supplier of oil equipment
Supplier of oil equipment
Geostream Service Group

Providing a wide range of high-tech services in the oil and gas sector.