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Q: What is the order of interaction with your company to deliver the goods from China? Where to start?

 A: First we need to have complete information about the product that you want to import from China (its description , scope, basic characteristics, composition , etc.). We look for suppliers of goods and provide you with information about them and their products. Also we define the HS code of the goods and count the cost of shipping , customs fees and other charges. Then we do the contract and arrange delivery of the goods. It's very simple!

Q: How long does it take to deliver the goods from China?

A: Delivery time depends on the mode of transport. The fastest, but also the most expensive type of delivery is aircraft delivery  in 5-7 days. For heavyweight  and bulky goods the best option is multimodal container transport (by sea from the port of China to the port  Vostochny thence by rail to the destination station). It takes  40-60 days. Delivery of small packages in prefabricated container depends on the frequency of the output of our containers from China and discussed separately.

 Q: Can I carry out customs clearance of goods in Russia by myself?

A: You can, however, this process requires certain skills, professional knowledge and extensive experience. It is very difficult for newcomer  to understand all the intricacies and avoid serious mistakes which can lead not only to delays in the post registration of the declaration but also to administrative offense.  In addition to start  the customs clearance you need to purchase special expensive software and  learn how to make customs declarations and formalize documents. Thus the best option is to convey complex and laborious process of customs clearance to the professionals.

Q: How to find a manufacturer in China?

A: To find the required products manufacturer in China is not always easy. A huge number of companies operates in China, only some of them are producers, others are dealers with higher prices. There are several ways to search for goods in China: Internet resources, catalogs, trade fairs in Russia and China, a trip to the industrial towns and provinces. However it is important not just to find suppliers but also to choose the most reliable supplier with favorable  terms.Our team of professionals will help you with it. We feasible for you to search manufacturers, hold talks and give a report on prices, terms and product characteristics. If necessary we may also provide bringing the  product samples.