Our experience with foreign partners shows that when choosing a logistics enterprise (organization) operates the following principle: the winner is the one who can offer what the customer wants. After years of work in international traffic we made a unified coordination contractors - carriers, as well as creation of favorable relationships largest transport and logistics nodes, which allows to deliver material resources and finished products customers on the strategic and operational levels.

International transportation

Asian transport market is characterized by a well-developed infrastructure ; high population density and industrial enterprises producing finished products ; application of modern logistics technology , based on the operation of powerful information and control centers. We carry out the following types of international transport transport : Aviation , Railway , Road transport , sea and river transport .

 When transporting goods abroad our attention now paid to the introduction of highly efficient transport and logistics technologies : on terminal system , multimodal and intermodal transportation using large- purpose and specialized containers , overpacks.


An increasing the number of ordering goods abroad has led us to provide additional services - is a consolidation of cargoes in warehouses in China, Russia, and other countries. Consolidation leads to optimization of the cost of delivery of goods / material warranty of delivery (legal delineation of responsibilities between the carriers), reduce delivery time.