Customs clearance

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Any goods, regardless of their size, value and country of origin, subject to customs clearance in Russia.

This procedure requires some effort, knowledge and experience. IIn order to successfully issue the arrived cargo without delay , it is necessary not only to collect the required set of documents, but also to verify them in the presence of all the necessary information, the correct execution and completion.

We carry a full range of customs clearance of goods delivered by any mode of transport:

  • Preparation and approval of documents for customs clearance; 

classification of goods in accordance with the HS codes;

  • declaration of goods, clearance of cargo customs declaration (under our contract); 
  • assistance in obtaining permits; 
  • preliminary calculation and payment of customs duties; 
  • consultations on customs clearance. 
  • We provide customs clearance at customs in Izhevsk Airport, Kazan, Perm airport.

For information on customs clearance complete the application form or contact our specialists.