Delivery of joint cargo

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Thanks to streamlined supply chain from China on a regular basis, our company is able to offer you a delivery of goods in groupage container.

The advantages of sending cargo in preassembled container are obvious:

1. Ability to deliver small quantities of goods at affordable prices. Thus you will not have to pay the cost of transporting the whole container.

2 . Your shipment is formed to load into the container on a dedicated warehouse with goods of other customers , and the costs are divided in proportion occupied by weight / volume in 20ft or 40ft container .

3 . Our company takes care of all the necessary procedures for customs clearance of goods. When buying a small batch production costs for the services of a customs broker may be commensurate with the cost of all the purchased lot.

Excluding prefabricated containers (LCL), we also provide shipping full containers (FCL) and air delivery of goods to any airport .

 To calculate the cost of shipment in groupage container Please contact our team or fill out the application form.