Sales Representative in China

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In Beijing we have our own sales representative who will always be able to quickly resolve issues related to the search of suppliers, customs clearance and loading of goods for shipment to Russia. We can arrange meeting potential partners in China and issue tickets, book a hotel, organize a shuttle service, and to provide translation services from Russian into Chinese.

The stage when sales representative is involved is one of the most complex and demanding. Some people while  trying to save money believe that they can cope with the search for a producer and supplier, as well as the placement of orders and execution of all securities.

Note, however, that there can be much more obstacles on the long route from one country to another . Even if you have a lot of experience of successful remote collaboration with various manufacturers and knowledge of the language, it will not protect you from some possible unpleasant nuances. Partners are different, and some of them, unfortunately, do not differ commitment and honesty. So it is much easier and  more reliable to act with trusted intermediary. Our representative will do everything qualitatively and on time.

Cost of services representative:

1. Checking manufacturer in China - $ 400 (does not include transportation costs)

2. Services in support on the exhibition in China - $ 150 per day

3. Service inspection of goods prior to shipment - $ 500