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AZK GROUP Ltd. is pleased to offer services for international cargo transportation. Our specialization - container, sea, air freight from China, USA, Eastern Europe, as well as multimodal transport, including cargoes.

We offer you not only a high level of service, but an individual approach to each client. We will carry out for you as a single International trucking and transportation of various goods on a regular basis. In addition, our experienced managers will help you choose the best mode of transport and logistics scheme.

We can also help you in customs clearance, certification of goods if necessary, as well as offer you the full support of foreign economic activity - import turnkey.

For information on international shipping, as well as other services rendered, please contact us or fill out the form.



Transportation by sea

Modern and cost-effective mode of transport large volumes of goods between several countries with ports. Direct agreement with shipping lines and the presence of direct contacts with companies shipowners, we provide prompt and safe transportation of sea freight and commodity - material assets.


Air transportation

Transportation by air - a priority, fast, reliable, and in some cases the only way of shipment. Air transportation is carried out not only on cities of Russia, CIS countries, but also countries abroad.

Shipment by car

We provide services for trucking cargo. If you needed to transport something in Russia or outside Russia, you can contact us at the numbers listed on the website. We are happy to take up the job. This service is used by a variety of clients ranging from individuals to large industrial companies. We provide high quality, safety and timeliness of road transportation.


Rail transportation

Our company provides transportation of cargo train. Rail transport  is one of the most convenient modes of transportation. Rail transportation of cargo are carried by different types of wagon, as well as technical  park of our company. The main advantage is the best value for money and delivery time.


Multimodal transportation

It is shipping under one contract, but made ​​at least two modes of transport. In the process of multimodal transportation we use multiple modes of transportation (land, air and sea). Between sites organized transshipment terminals on which cargo is transferred from one transport to the next.


Container shipping

Our company provides comprehensive services in the transport of goods in containers. We guarantee high-quality delivery of cargo on time. For transportation of goods we use medium-and large-capacity containers. We can  transport various building materials, chemical products, textiles, various raw materials and other goods.

If you want to order, please send an online application or contact us by phone +7 (3412) 59-58-99.