Сontainer Shipping


Container freight from China - it is best and most economical type of transportation. Our company has years of experience and established supply chain of goods from China in containers.

Despite the fact that the main focus in our transport and logistics services is container shipping from China to Russia , we can also carry container traffic in other directions.

Advantages of container cargo :

          1. Maximum safety of cargo in the container , protection against damage of packaging,                   mechanical damage and natural influences .
          2. Economy: transportation in containers is the most economical option of delivery.
          3. Easy loading and unloading . When shipping containers multimodal method optimizes the           use of container loading operations when changing modes.

Our company provides services in the organization of multimodal transport (when the goods are transported by several modes of transport without breaking the sealing) . It uses a versatile metal rectangular container . Loads delivered on ships from Chinese ports Ningbo ( Ningbo ), Qingdao ( Tsingtao ), Shanghai ( Shanghai ), Dalian ( Dalian ) and other Russian ports and then transported by rail to the destination.

Offering our customers container transportation , we offer a full range of services for container transportation, which includes :

      -forming containers;
      - track the current location of the container all the way to their destination;
      - insurance of goods in containers;
      - container transport logistics scheme "door to door"

To calculate the cost of container transport please contact our specialists or fill out the application form.